Types of Services We Offer

Using nutrition to bring balance back to families lives so they can fulfill God’s purpose for their lives.

Ways We Are Here For You

Pantry Makeovers

Things you can expect during your 1.5 hour Pantry Makeover:

1. to be educated on the products you’ve been purchasing ( learn to understand the labels)

2. simple swaps you can make to take your pantry to the next level of nutrition

3. discussing realistic ways your family can enjoy their meals and feel better too

Things you should NOT expect for your Pantry Makeover:

1. tossing all your current foods in the trash!!!

2. to have it professionally organized with all new containers and a fancy label maker (this would fall under a different coaching program)

Now that you have a clear understanding of how your pantry impacts your health, 

let’s talk about step 2… What do you do at the…

Grocery Store Tours

A grocery store tour appointment for an hour and a half is set at your preferred grocery store to learn how to shop with all this new knowledge you have and to break down some of those odd products you see show up but aren’t sure why or if you would need them.

Things you should expect at your Grocery Store Tour:

1. find new products to upgrade your usual list to be more nutritious (and delicious)

2. find out what’s important to purchase and where you can “cut corners” (because budget is also important in being healthy!!)

Things you should NOT expect at your Grocery Store Tour:

1. to be forced to purchase things outside your budget or preferences (this is about being realistic!!!)

2. purchasing multiple supplements to begin a new diet regime

Family Sessions

You can work until exhaustion trying to make changes to keep yourself and your family healthy but if they aren’t practical changes you’ll feel like you’re running in place. In family coaching sessions we meet together to discuss your goals and be educated on the options to implement a holistic lifestyle for optimum lifelong health.

Things you can expecting during Family Coaching Sessions:

  1. Clear information about habits that can bring clarity to day to day life

2. Questions being answered about confusing topics regarding nutrition

3. Quick meal preparation and recipes that are family friendly

Things you should NOT expect during Family Coaching Sessions:

1.That your family should follow a particular diet plan to maintain health

2. That there is one right choice for all families that live a holistic lifestyle (spoiler alert:: there is NO one right way!)

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