Restoring Balance

Christ-Centered Yoga and Pilates
Holistic Health Coaching in Rayville, LA

A Variety of Classes & Services Offered

Whether you are looking for a group environment or prefer the personal attention of one on one services we are here to assist you in reaching your goals of Restoring Balance back in to your life in order to fulfill your purpose.

Group Yoga & Pilates

Group classes range from heart pumping strength classes to relaxing classes that allow time for recovery and centering your mind, heart and body. Group classes are held in the Fellowship Hall at Rayville United Methodist Church.

Private Sessions

Whether you prefer to practice in the privacy of a solo session or have concerns that you’d like to address with yoga as a means of healing, a private session may be for you. This type of session is based on your individual goals and each session is tailored specifically for you.

Holistic Health Coaching

We will work together toward an overall healthier life. We will look at nutrition patterns, relationships, physical fitness, spirituality, and more with the intention of making our entire bodies a fit and healthy temple. Feeling tired and sluggish isn’t part of His plan. Living a healthy and vibrant life is.

Just a few clicks to your first…..
Pantry Makeover
Grocery Store Tour
One glance in your cupboards and you get discourage with what to cook your family? Or a quick trip to the grocery store quickly turns frustrating because the labels and choices are all confusing?

Holistic Services Offered

As a Holistic Health Coach I do have knowledge of a majority of the most known diet plans like The Zone Diet, Trim Healthy Mama, Keto, Paleo, Vegetarian, Vegan…. the list goes on and on. But you will not find me assigning diet plans to lose weight. If you have been told by a doctor that a particular diet change is ideal for your goals, I can help you accomplish that. You may have no idea which plan can work for you or even where to start… Let’s talk and see how we can help Restore Your Health through food using practical, small changes.

Pantry Makeover

How can you feed yourself and your family nutritious, filling meals when your cupboards just aren’t stocked with the necessities?

Not sure what to use in place of white flour?

What about all the new sugar options you see at the store??

BUT… my kids won’t eat breakfast without their beloved cereal…

How bad can that soup we’ve been eating really be???

The list could go on, and on, and on…

Grocery Store Tour

A grocery store tour appointment for an hour and a half is set at your preferred grocery store to learn how to shop with all this new knowledge you have and to break down some of those odd products you see show up but aren’t sure why or if you would need them.

Family Sessions

One on one sessions with you and your family to discuss ways to help you reach a day to day balance taking into consideration what is important to each member of  your family to make practical changes that can cause a shift for you all together in your journey to Restore Balance.

Check Out What People Are Saying

I absolutely love it! Truly a great instructor! I love that I feel like I’m getting a workout, relaxing and most of all having time with our Father.

Kerrie leads practice so that each person feels like they can attain their own personal goals through yoga. She is a spiritual individual that provides the word and lets it be the focus of the practice. Each class is a new opportunity to find your own personal moment to reflect and relax!

Kerrie is great with all ages and especially with ladies like me, out of shape, aches, pains, haven’t used those muscles in years!
J. G.

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