Types of Classes to Chose From

Types of Yoga & Pilates Classes

Beginner Yoga Flow

This class will include brief pose breakdowns covering the fundamental postures and breath work that introduce the principles of foundation, alignment, and focus. Appropriate for all levels. Each class begins and ends with a devotional to center your mind, heart and body.

Level 1|2 Flow / All Levels

A Vinyasa flow (syncing breath and movement) style class that welcomes all levels beginner to advanced yogis covering fundamental postures in a more up beat class with an emphasis on strength, alignment and perseverance. Some yoga experience is helpful, but not necessary.

Slow Flow/ Restorative

This class will begin with slow introspective movements linking breath with motion. Slow enough for all levels while giving the most advanced student the opportunity for growth. Half way through class we will transition to restorative poses where you will find comfortable, supported postures and therapeutic breathing techniques combined to rejuvenate and deeply relax your body and release residual tension. Peaceful, calming and nurturing. (all props used in class will be provided for you)

Mat Pilates

A workout head to toe using body weight exercises that focus on holistically building strength and engaging your core. This class will be evenly divided working out your core, legs and arms with slow and controlled mindful movements ending with a complete stretch to minimize soreness and aid in flexibility. This class is for all levels with modifications available and advanced options given.

Pre/Postnatal Yoga

Pre-Natal Holy Yoga provides a unique opportunity for pregnant women to celebrate and bond with the amazing gift of life by inviting God into their relationship through physical worship. It also helps to prepare the body, mind, and spirit for the elements of birth and delivery. **Most classes are available to pre/postnatal yogis. Please notify your instructor if you’ve been released by your doctor to practice**

Chair Yoga

This class is a practice using a chair for seated poses, and the chair as a balance point for standing poses. Perfect for those who are unable to get up and down off the floor comfortably or anyone who likes a gentle yoga class or practice standing poses with depth yet using the support of a chair to assist with stability.
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